VISA for Korea 

To get a visa to teach in the country you choose to teach, you need certain documents depending on the country. Some countries ask for a lot of stuff from TEFL teachers other makes it easy for TEFL teachers.  For example in South Korea to work as an English, ESL, TESOL, or TEFL teacher you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents as listed below even before getting a job offer as you will need them regardless to what school you apply to teach TEFL in South Korea, to get the visa issued:

  • · A copy of passport (the photo page)
  • · Resume (CV) and  a cover letter ( personal statement)
  • · Reference letter (two preferred)
  • · Four passport photos (must be in colour)
  • · A good size photo if available (professional) and preferable in color
  • · A notarized copy of Diploma (graduation certificate). BSc, MA, etc.
  • · A notarized copy of transcript or the original (copies are not eccepted).

To notarize your Diploma you need to go to the nearest Korean embassy with your passport and the original diploma, and then they make a copy and stamp it as the true copy of the original Diploma. Or you can send the documents by mail.

  • · E2 work visa

E2 Visa is very simple process. Once you are accepted your application and documents will be sent to the Korean Immigration office then a visa letter will be sent to our office which we send it to you. You then would go to the nearest Korean Embassy and pay the necessary fees and fill out the necessary forms along with your passport, visa letter, and one passport photo to get your Visa put on your passport. You can also do this option by regular mail

  • · Tourist visa

In the case that you are flying to Korea on a tourist visa you will be assisted from your sponsor school when you get there on how and where to get your work visa. (all expenses are paid by your school).

Most English countries will give you at least 3 months Tourist Visas to enter Korea automatically and then go to Japan for a few days as instructed by their sponsor school and get their work Visa, many teachers prefer this method as it is very common and you get to see Japan for free except for your food.