Q & A

This example is about South Korea

What kinds of contracts do you offer? As for contracts they are one-year contracts mostly 10 days holiday plus public holidays.

What is the salary? Regarding the pay it is between (1.8-2.2 Million Korean Won). Currency exchange can be different from time to time. You can check currency converter or currency exchange for your country. The tax is very little it is equal to 5% or less.

Do I have to pay for my airfare? No, you will be provided with an airfare before you leave, if you got accepted. A return ticket will be also provided as long as you complete your contract.

What about accommodations? Accommodations are provided & paid by the sponsoring schools. The school will provide you with a furnished single studio, flat, or you might have to share with another teacher depending on the school and how big the school.

What kind of working visa is required? We will provide you with a 12 month contract so that you can obtain an E2 Work Visa that allows you to live and work legally in Korea.


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